About Vizimage

Our mission is to deliver a top notch product to each of our clients
Nick DeRango

Nick DeRango


Corey Krakowski

Corey Krakowski


A Passion for the Emotions that we Capture

Corey and I have been close friends since 8 years old. Together, we have gone to the same Elementary School, High School, Junior College, and both attended Illinois State University as roommates. My love for filming started at a young age. I never thought I would be able to make a career out of doing something that I truly love to do.

Our shooting style is journalistic, inconspicuous and centered on documenting each important moment as it happens. Often times we only have one shot or one opportunity to capture a moment. You can trust that we will capture it and not let it slip.

Corey and I have a mission to deliver a top notch product to each of our clients. We know our clients put a lot of work and detail into their wedding day, so we make sure we do the same.

We started filming weddings because we are passionate about the emotions that we capture and create. We are committed to bringing a relaxed and fun atmosphere to your wedding day, and also pride ourselves on becoming part of your wedding day. We have been told that by the end of the night couples have felt like we were close friends sharing their wedding with them!

Let us bring cinematic beauty to your wedding day

Our goal is to make this a perfect experience, creating a wedding video that you will be thrilled to share with your family and friends.